What exactly is Mulee™?

Mulee™ is a company that partners with schools across North America to eliminate the hassles posed by the back-to-school shopping process by distributing pre-packaged student kits filled with school supplies. Each kit is custom designed to meet the requirements of each participating school and grade.

How will I benefit by using Mulee™?

Mulee™ benefits educational institutions, parents, teachers and students alike. Schools can use Mulee™ as a fundraising tool to help raise money that will go toward improving the overall educations experience for students by getting a percentage of sales proceeds. Parents can avoid the frustrating hassles of back-to-school shopping by ordering all the necessary school supply items online at the click of a button. Teachers benefit by ensuring that every student starts off the year with all the necessary school supplies. Best off, students enjoy getting a big Mulee™ package loaded with stylish, colorful school supplies – along with exciting freebies and more!

How does the process work?

Mulee™ coordinates with your child’s teacher to create customized kits containing all the necessary school supply items that will last for the entire school year. All supplies come in a durable, attractive box that your child can keep in school or bring home and use for storage. Once Mulee™ receives your order, it will either mail it directly to you before the school year starts or mail it directly to the school where the teachers will distribute it to the students on the first day – that depends on which method your child’s school chooses.

How do I know the school supplies are of high quality?

Mulee™ only uses brand name products for your child’s school supply items and is a authorized distributor of quality brands including Crayola, Elmer’s, Mead and more.

How can I order a Mulee™ school supply kit™?