When we first thought of this program we felt it’s too highly priced in today’s market. But then we went ahead and gave it a shot. This is what we found, the parents loved it and were glad we did it.

UTA Elementary

The fundraising program worked out very well. We raised nice bucks selling the kits with very little hassle to our PTO.

O.L. Star of the Sea School

We were afraid the parents would reject it; in fact they embraced it and loved it. It provided them with a hassle-free back to school experience. It’s worth the program.

St. John Vianney School

I have been dealing with Nathan from Mülee™ for many years. They have been the least headache from all my vendors because they deliver on the date we agree on. I checked their prices many times and they are the best on the market.

Good Shepherd School

As a busy mother of 3 kids (completing the 3 lists was a BIG pain) shopping for school supplies was no picnic. Once our school signed up with Mülee™ thinking of back to school is fun & exciting for all of us.

Rose Reich Brooklyn, NY

Thanks to the Mülee™ group, this program is not only a huge convenience. More than that, it’s money saving considering the gas expense to travel to a few stores and the kids asking for unnecessary items. We would call it Mülee™ Money Saving Program.

Rachel Fish White Lake, NY

We love the idea of all kids having the same supplies so everyone is uniform.

Holy Spirit Elementary School

Our kids were never as happy to go back to school. The reason, simply because we eliminated the back to school shopping frustration by picking up The Super Student Kit at school orientation

Judy Friedman Lakewood, NJ

We found a cheap last minute summer vacation and were able to accept it, knowing that shopping for school supplies is being taken care of by Mülee™. Thanks, the kids had a wonderful time!

Ben & Ann Ackerman Stamford, CT

We had a great summer spending more time than ever with our kids knowing that all the school supplies required by our teachers will be delivered to our house before school starts.

Sara Tarnofsky Miami, FL